23 september 2016

Hello everybody, while I'm touring Italy with Ubi Maior and making "brief encounters" with amazing people (Mark Kelly i.e.) I'm also writing new stuff, new music and ideas for my next project... quite interesting so far.
I'm feeling quite influenced right now by some tubular bells... and by some friendly card... mixed with some pyramids and some echoes... Let's see what comes out :-)
Take care!

20 september 2016

Thanks to Zia Mildred and Antonio de Sarno for the wonderful pics during the show in Veruno!

gabryveruno gabry-veruno-by-de-sarno

10 september 2016

Here a nice surprise in the streets of Verona: Mark Kelly and me!


19 april 2016

Here you can see me with my singer Gianluigi Girardi (left) and my drummer Davide Martinelli Dave Winter Mist (center)
Thanks to Valerio Achille Semenzin for the pic.


12 march 2016

Keith Emerson has died. It's a deep sadness. He influenced me as did with everyone else in rock music. I grew up with ELP music. I just hope he has finally found peace and...his way home...
On September 18th 2008 I met him. The Maestro and the disciple


16 february 2016

I apologize for the silence but I'm composing new stuff... Soon I'll upload an extract. Stay tuned!

22 december 2015

Hello everybody!
You can download for free the remixed version of "The Akallabeth" directly from the listen page

11 november 2015

The remixed and remastered edition of "The Akallabeth" is ready. It will be available very soon! Stay tuned!

17 september 2015

Thanks to the firends of PROG Italia for the interview