Ubi Maior [2015] Ubi Maior - Incanti bio meccanici
Alchemico Fiammingo
I Cancelli del Tempo
Lo Specchio di Mogano

Tales of Love and Blood [2013] Archangel - Tales of Love and Blood
Ouverture: Frozen Torment
When the Night
Misplaced Love
The Night Scythe
The Black bride
My Only Love
In Loneliness
Wheels of Confusion

Tales of Love and Blood [2013] More Animals at the Gates of Reason - A Tribute to Pink Floyd
Contains Archangel's version for "The Gunner's Dream", taken from the 1983 album "The Final Cut".

The Akallabeth [2009] Archangel - The Akallabeth
Gift of love
The Forbidding
The Shade of Numenor
See Myself in You
Rings of Power
Raise the Sword
Power Within
The Faithful and the Faithless One
Red Clouds War
The Downfallen: 39 Days of Madness
Lidless Eye
The Price

[2009] Ubi Maior - Senza Tempo
Morte (Senza Tempo) parte I
Sogno (Il Segreto Per Volare)
Desiderio (Per Cosa Si Uccide)
Morte (Senza Tempo) parte II
Distruzione (Il Mercenario)
Disperazione (Niente Pił)
Morte (Senza Tempo) parte III
Delirio (La Realtą)
Destino (Il Labirinto)
Morte (Senza Tempo) parte IV

disco_moody [2006] Higher and Higher - A Tribute to Moody Blues
Contains Ubi Maior's version for "Veteran Cosmic Rocker", taken from the 1981 album "Long Distance Voyager".

disco_ubi [2005] Ubi Maior - Nostos
Terra Madre
Oltre Il Vetro
La Tua Casa Comoda

disco_vacuum [2004] The Watch - Vacuum
Damage Mode
Shining Bald Heads
Out of the Land
Deeper Still
The Vacuum

disco_letters [2004] The Letters - A Tribute to King Crimson
Contains Ubi Maior's version of "Prince Rupert Awakes", taken from the 1970 "Lizard" LP.

disco_ghost [2001] The Watch - Ghost
The Ghost and the Teenager
Moving Red
Riding the Elephant
...and the Winner is...