15 may 2015

Hello everybody, here you can see some pics taken during the concert with Ubi Maior last saturday naight at "La Casa di Alex" in Milan.
Thanks to Antonio De Sarno and Radio Tempi Dispari for the wonderful pics!

gabry8 GABRY @ CASA DI ALEX Gabry2 gabry3 gabry4 gabry5 gabry7

06 may 2015

Hello everybody,
Archangel is number 37 on the ReverbNation Metal charts for Milan, IT

04 march 2015

To celebrate the Best Male Singer of 2014 for Classic Rock Society, Damian Wilson, I uploaded  "In Loneliness" (go to Listen), a song taken from my last cd Tales of Love and Blood

22 may 2014

Hello everybody!
Thanks to the friends of "IO Pages" (Netherlands) for the review!

"His organ solos and his layers remind the late Jon Lord of Deep Purple"

"The second achievement of Archangel is definitely worth it. It is a well balanced and melodic album that alternates strong and delicate passages"