06 march 2014

Hello everybody!
Thanks to Henri Strik for the review on BACKGROUND MAGAZINE from Netherlands

"I can only be positive about this second album by Archangel. Gabriele Manzini managed to keep me entertained throughout the concept of Tales Of Love And Blood"
Rated  4

10 february 2014

Hello everybody!
Here you can read an extract from the fantastic review written by the historic journalist Geoff Barton for the prestigous magazine  "PROG" (by Classic Rock) UK

"..If Rick Wakeman ever joined the Sisters of Mercy it'd sound exactly like this....

...Tales is a work of horrific genius..."

06 december 2013

Hello everybody!
here you can read an extract from the review of MusicWaves (France).
Many thanks! Merci beaucoup!

4 ****/5
"...Au contraire de certains concepts au sein desquels la trame narrative prend le pas sur l'instrumentation entrainant un verbiage désagréable, les deux pôles sont ici parfaitement intégrés....
...S'il ne fallait retenir qu'une seule plage de l'ensemble, Misplaced Love et sa lente montée en puissance ponctuée d'un solo irréprochable de guitare résumerait à elle seule toute la qualité de Tales of Love and Blood..."

25 november 2013

Hello everybody!
Hope you like my new website!

21 october 2013

Hello everybody! During this week the website will be out of order because we are updating it. I apologize for the inconvenience... By the way, the Halloween week you will have a surprise!

03 october 2013

Archangel has been featured on Graham Rhodes's blog.
You can read more about it here:

24 september 2013

"Tales of Love and Blood" is now featured on Merci!
Read the article here:

24 september 2013

Hello everybody! here you can see a detail of the booklet

25 july 2013

Hello everybody! Thi is the tracklist of my upcoming album "Tales of Love and Blood": Frozen Torment (Ouverture) When the Night Nosferatu Misplaced Love The Night Scythe The Black Bride My Only Love In Loneliness The album will also feature a bonus track, which will be revealed later in the next months.

16 july 2013

Hello everybody! Yesterday my new album "Tales of Love and Blood" has finally been mastered! In the pic you can see me with the sound engineer Alessandro Caneva at  Mobsound Milano.
Foto: Hello everybody! Yesterday my new album "Tales of Love and Blood" has finally been mastered! In the pic you can see me with the sound engineer Alessandro Caneva at Mobsound

10 july 2013

Hello everybody! "Tales of Love and Blood" will be released on October 31st, 2013.

24 june 2013

Hello everybody! Last friday the recordings have been finished! The mixing process will soon begin! Here you can see all the musicians and singers that participate in my upcoming cd "Tales of Love and Blood":

05 june 2013

Hello everybody! And last but not least here's the guest-star! Damian Wilson is once again lending his powerful vocal cords to my lyrics. Now fronting Threshold, Maiden United and Headspace (after singing for Ayreon, Star One, Rick Wakeman and others) Damian is well known for his incredible crystalline power, his great vocal range and his contagious liking. In this new work Damian adds his magic touch to three sophisticated songs and I can't tell if he has ever sung better than that

14 may 2013

Hello everybody! The first singer I want to introduce to you is Joe Salati. Joe has a very distinctive scratchy voice. He really rocks! His vocal style has a 70's flavour but the energy is absolutely modern and dynamic. He starded as a singer in 1999 with the band Kickstart producing also and album called "Fuel" in 2003. Then in 2005 he began to sing with his brother Ettore (you already know him...) in an acoustic duo named Salty Bros playing classic rock tunes. Joe has also recorded some tracks for the Red Zen and Soulengine CDs entering in the progressive rock and fusion musical area. He's now touring with ACB and David Jackson singing old Van Der Graaf Generator tunes. (Picture by Markus Sotto Corona)

07 may 2013

Hello everybody! I apologize for the silence but I've been very busy with the recordings of my second CD during the last weeks, next week I'll continue to introduce the musicians who played on it.
Now, I would like to announce that next week will be available the Pink Floyd tribute album "More Animals at the Gates of Reason". The song I've chosen to cover is "Gunner's Dream" and the musicians who played are: Erica Maiorana (vocals), Alessandro Dovi' (guitars), Walter Gualtiero Gorreri (bass), Alessandrio Di Caprio (drums). The song was mixed and mastered by Chris Rushin, sound engineer for Gov't Mule.
You can buy it at from may 15th.

29 march 2013

The fourth guitar player I'm going to intruduce to you is Ettore Salati I've been knowing Ettore since 2001 when we began to play in The Watch up to 2005. We made many concerts together and I've always appreciated his clean style particulary on his 12 strings guitar. He plays progressive rock but his guitar playing is also influenced by fusion, pop and funk...not forgetting his sitar with all its indian flavours! Ettore is now playing in various projects making CDs and concerts with The Red Zen, Soulengine and ACB. An essential addition to the Archangel Orchestra.

20 march 2013

I'd like to introduce you to another guitar player, Stefano Mancarella. I've been playing with Stefano since 1998. He's been my creative partner in Ubi Maior and helped me recording many tracks for "The Akallabeth" in 2009. He has a very modern style and his technique is extra fine. He started as a heavy metal player but over the years he has developed a very personal and progressive taste: very clean and precise. He's now playing in Munich, Germany in two bands: Mold and Chop Missile

14 march 2013

Now, is the turn of a lady, Marcella Arganese. Marcella is a gifted talent, she plays guitar in a very old-fashioned way. Her style reminds me much of Robert Fripp's and Phil Manzanera's guitar playing. That's why I've chosen her for a nice surprise on my next cd "Tales of Love and Blood". Outside Archangel she is the guitarist for Ubi Maior and for Shylock, both progressive rock bands from Milan.

06 march 2013

And now let me introduce the guitars players. Alessandro Dovì: his musical taste is built on 80's and 90's heavy metal but with a rich research for melody and harmonies. He has recorded a couple of cds with his band Winter Mist and he played several guitar parts in my first cd. In my upcoming album "Tales of Love and Blood" Alessandro played in two songs.

28 february 2013

The second musician is Davide Martinelli: a powerful and skilled drummer. Davide is one of the best Italian rock drummer and the cds he released with Darsky and Winter Mist got great reviews. Davide recorded many songs for "The Akallabeth" in 2009 and he has also played most of the drums for "Tales of Love and blood".

18 february 2013

Today, I'll start to introduce you all the musicians and singers that have participated in my second cd "Tales of Love and Blood"
Lets start with Gualtiero Walter Gorreri. He is the bass player of Ubi Maior since 1998. During the years he have joined many rock bands in the Milano area, and in 2009 he played most of the tracks in my first cd "The Akallabeth"

06 february 2013

The title of my second album is "Tales of Love and Blood". Soon I will let you know who is the guest singer...

19 november 2012

7-8 songs of the 9 which will end on CD are mostly complete. The search for vocalists will start really soon.

06 september 2012

Hello everyone! The recording of my new album is going on! 5 tracks have been completed for drums, bass and keyboards.
Davide Martinelli on drums is doing a great job as usual while Walter Gorreri has recorded his thunderous bass on several tracks. Stefano Mancarella from Munich, Germany has recorded the guitar parts for two tracks while Ettore Salati put his six strings on a fantastic track and he's working on another one. Marcella Arganese (yes, a woman!) is recording guitar parts for a really surprising cover! As you can see things are going on and soon I'll begin to reveal some guest singers ;-) it won't be a concept album but a subtle line links all the tracks... a subtle and Gothic line... love and blood... Here some working title: "When the night", "In Loveliness", "The Black Bride"...

08 june 2012

Hello everybody! Drums and keys for two songs have been recorded and Stefano Mancarella and Gualitero "Wego" Gorreri are giving the last (magic) touches to the guitar and bass sessions. Davide Martinelli is already working on other two songs.

05 march 2012

...from the concert last saturday night in Milan with Ubi Maior:

01 march 2012

Stefano Mancarella is recording some guitar tracks as well: Davide and Stefano are working on a heavy and gothic song, yet catchy.

20 february 2012

Hello everybody, this week will start the recording sessions for the drum tracks of my second CD. Davide Martinelli is rehearsing with his new drum kit.

06 february 2012

Hello everybody, you can now follow me on twitter too:

17 december 2011

Just finished working on the pre-production of Blue Oyster Cult "Nosferatu". This cover perfectly fits with my new album atmosphere!

02 december 2011

On december 6th in Milan I'll be playing with my band Ubi Maior our "Senza Tempo Live - Christmas Show". Hope to see you there!

06 september 2011

Hello everyone! The journey towards the second Archangel's album is going on. All the songs have been written, music and lyrics. Demo tracks have been recorded, the whole cd sounds dark, sometimes doomy, but rich of progressive architectures. Five original tracks, one of them is a long suite, and 2 or maybe 3 covers. Now I'll take care of the musicians who'll play on the album. Stay tuned for developments. Take care!

07 july 2011

Here we are alive and well! The Mellow Records Pink Floyd tribute CD has been postponed until next fall 2011 so you can still enjoy the snippet you find on In the meanwhile I've written the music for most of my next CD. 5 songs, one of which is an epic 20-minute suite As I said months ago I plan to record also a couple of covers (Roxy Music, Black Sabbath... or maybe Blue Oyster Cult) and now I'm working on Roxy's "My Only Love". Stay tuned for more news. Have a good summer! Take care.

10 january 2011

Happy new year to everybody!Last week I finished the recording session of "Gunner's Dream" by Pink Floyd. The cover was mixed and mastered in Atlanta (USA) by Chris Rushin, one of the mixer men for Gov't Mule. In the following days I'll upload an extract. The tribute album will be released by Mellow Records next spring (late spring), if there are any news I'll let you know. Stay tuned and take care!

25 october 2010

Hello everybody! No, I didn't go into hibernation even if winter is coming :-) quite the opposite! This is a very fertile time! Here you have a bunch of news: The first one is that I've almost finished working on the cover of Pink Floyd's song "The Gunner's Dream", the cover will be included in the tribute album that will be released by Mellow Records next spring. The second one is that I've started working on my second album :-) and one song is completed. In addition to my own compositions I would like to add a couple of covers, one from Black Sabbath and one from Roxy Music repertoire. I don't know yet... Last but not least I'm working on the music of the third album of my band Ubi Maior. As you can see it has been a very intense and creative time! Stay tuned for updates! Take care!

01 june 2010

Hello everyone! I'm still here! :-) I'm busy with an italian mini-tour with Ubi Maior. Next gig will be at Festival Prog in Mogliano Veneto together with Carl Palmer Band, Le Orme, Marillion, Tony Levin e The Watch! Ubi Maior Live sunday 27 june Mogliano Veneto(TV), 7:30 pm Centro Giovani - Via Barbiero Previous dates: 22 april 2010 Bloom - Mezzago (MI) 11 april 2010 Marmaja , Cusano Milanino (MI) 19 february 2010 La Casa di Alex -Milano 31 january 2010 Woodstock - Grandate (CO) 29 january 2010 Humus Club, Biassono (MI)

05 february 2010

Here you can watch some pictures taken last weekend during the concerts with my band Ubi Maior, more pictures very soon on the photo gallery section.

20 january 2010

Hello everybody! I apologize for the silence but in the last weeks I have been doing some reharsal shows with the Italian prog rock band Ubi Maior (I'm the keyboard player and main composer). At the end of january we'll start an Italian mini tour. If you want to enjoy good prog check the website

20 december 2009

I wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!
The white tree of Gondor is an illustration by Ted Nasmith.

26 october 2009

Hello everybody! I'm very proud to announce that "The Akallabeth" has been nominated for the fourth edition of ProgAwards as Best Debut Record! So, keep fingers crossed! Take care!

16 july 2009

Hello everybody! No, I'm not disappeared! :-) I'm touring on several Italian radios to promote my CD so the time to write is not too much. Moreover, soon you could read some interviews for international magazines and specialized websites; in due time I'll let you know when they will be available. In the meantime, on "reviews" section, you can read extracts of some reviews appeared until now. Take care!

15 may 2009

Hello everybody! I have some news for you :-) First of all, on may 1st the CD was officially released! :-) Last monday Archangel's Shop has started to ship the orders, so be patient... By the way, if you want a signed copy (many of you are asking me if it is possible) please let know the Shop your request by writing it on the order. Thank you. The last news is that now you can find me also on Facebook Take care!

28 april 2009

Hello everybody! Now you can find my music on! You will find me under the name of Gabriele "Archangel" Manzini. On lastfm. com you can listen a new track from the album "The Akallabeth", the song is "See myself in You". See you there! Take care!

01 march 2009

At last! Here's the date! The day we yearned for has arrived.

THE AKALLABETH will be released on may 1st!
The label is the AMS-BTF of Milan, a specialized company dedicated to Italian progressive rock since long time. Two months is too long? No panic! You can pre-order the album on my Shop page starting from march 25th. By that date you will find all the terms and conditions to buy the CD. I leave you with a gift: here you can see the artwork of the album. Take care!

16 january 2009

Ah...yes...the master is ready. Sorry for this late update. I missed the wishes for Christmas and for a Happy New Year but it is a really busy life, you know. I would like to thank each and everybody who have contacted me to ask about the album during these months. The date is coming! Yes, It is ready and I believe that I can give you some really important and fresh news in the next few weeks. So stay tuned, as always. Take care!

29 october 2008

At last the mix sessions are finished. As usual some delays due to illness, unforseen difficulties and all. Anyway some days to let Simone take breath and then the final immersion into the master definitive sessions. Take care!

28 july 2008

Damian Wilson with Threshold in Milan!

July 26th was the day!
The Rocking Field Festival at the Idroscalo in Milan. Threshold took the stage at 4:10 pm.Luckily I manage to get a couple of free pass for me and my wife. We decided to bring also our little daughter. We arrived while the intro of "Slipstream" was spreading from the PA.An amazing 45 minutes performance! All six musicians are really skillful and relaxed.Damian is not only a fantastic singer. He also knows how to act on stage, and how to act in a progressive metal band. A versatile artist. The right man for Rick Wakeman, the right man for Threshold and Star one, the right man for anybody. We know also that is a good entertainer when he plays his solo stuff: acoustic guitar, vocals and liking. And another thing: he has always a fantastic voice. He never looses it. He doesn't mind about the rain, he talks to the fans and chats very friendly with a beer on one hand and a pen on the other to sign tickets and CD covers. A real gentleman. Anyway at the end of the last song Damian dived on the crowd and began to sign autographs and to have photos with the fans. Finally we could meet and we hugged each other! We arranged for a drink and a chat after he had a shower and formalized the usual duties with the organisation. But tragedy stroke out of the blue! At the end of the Vision Divine show the sky began to cry... tons and tons of rain began to fall on our heads! Me, my wife and our baby were under a tree finding shelter. We decided to send a sms to Damian telling we were sorry but we had to leave. We were reaching our car when we saw Damian coming to the big tent of the beer and food. Obviously he was submerged by the fans but I shout at him and he run to me:-) He was very sorry for his delay. We talk through the railing like in jail! ahahah. We talked about our families, our life and obviously about the Akallabeth project, which is finally reaching the end in few weeks. In the meantime rain was pouring down...but Damian didn't give a damn about the rain. He is a singer made of steel: a blessed one! We say goodbye, hoping to meet each other very soon.

23 july 2008

Hi guys!
Updates are due. I'm not resting ;-) I have had some news in the last months regarding my private life which have slowed down a little bit the mixing works. Archangel has become a father ;-))) (Who talks about the sex of angels?) My wounderful daughter was born on april 6th and so you can better understand why "Akallabeth" is not ready yet. But as I said before works are going on. I am sure that the mix will be finished next week. The final master of the CD will take place at the TW studio of Simone Stucchi, who is also mixing the album, at the end of august, or later, at the beginning of september. So the end of the line is not too far, be happy! Have good holidays and recharge your batteries! See you soon for the final announcement! "Akallabeth" is approaching!

01 may 2008

Hello! As you can see there are 2 tracks uploaded. "Rings of Power" sees Damian Wilson at the lead vocals, while "Shade of Númenor" has both Zachary Stevens and Ted Leonard singing together. All in pre-mix version. Enjoy!

15 april 2008

Hello everyone. I was talking about two stars last time, but actually they are three: They have finally put the hell out of their throats:-) The first is a charming lady named Elayne. She's the lead singer for the historical Italian gothic-progressive rock band Dunwich. You can check their website ( or her blog ( Her character is Erendis, wife of King Aldarion, and sings beautiful and expressive "high notes" on "See myself in you" in the Within Temptation/After Forever tradition. The second star is nothing less than Zachary Stevens! Yes, the ex-singer of Savatage ( and the current singer in Circle II Circle ( He sings two tracks and he gives voice to the mighty Sauron, the Dark Lord during the second and third age of the Middle-earth . The third star is Gianluigi Girardi. Gianluigi has a really passionate voice, very expressive. He has sung in various well-lnown undergroung bands in Milano (Soul Takers, Winter Mist and Event Horizon) but now he's fully involved in his new project called 3 Dreams Never Dreamt. Have a listen! ( In the Akallabeth project his charachters are both an old sailor who describes his feelings about the incoming war ("Red Clouds War"), and King Aldarion ("See myself in you"). Now I'm working with Simone Stucchi, the producer of the progressive rock band The Watch, to mix the whole work sure that the final product will be worth the wait. Take care and stay alive!

02 april 2008

Some important news: Ted Leonard, lead singer for Enchant (, great progressive-metal band more similar to Rush than Dream Theater, has sung various parts on the record. He's taking the role of Ar-Pharazon and he has done a fantastic job. His interpretation is superb and surprising; it is the first time Ted sings hard-folk oriented songs great way to start ;-) Damian Wilson is now the fantastic singer (for the third time, believe it or not) for Threshold. For the last 15 years he's been singing for various artist such as Ayreon, Landmarq, Star One, Rick Wakeman...also a thatrical role as Jean Valjean in the Miserables acted in London. He's the narrator in the Akallabeth project.